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Rembrandt van Rijn: Jacob Wrestling with the Angel, c. 1659

Uriel (also Auriel or Oriel, Hebrewאוּרִיאֵל "My light is God", LatinLux vel Ignis Dei "light or fire of God"), often identified with Phanuel[1], is one of the four main Archangels according to the Jewish-Christian tradition. From an anthroposophical point of view, he is the regent of the midsummer season, as described in detail by Rudolf Steiner in the St. John Imagination.

Uriel guides the deceased to the Last Judgement and is regarded as the Angel of the Earth. He is the one who punishes injustice among men and is the overseer of hell. He is often regarded as the Archangel who guarded the entrance to Paradise after the Fall of man (Genesis 3:24), who announced the Flood to Noah (Genesis 6:5) or who argued with Jacob in the name of God (Genesis 32:24). In the apocryphal 4th Book of Ezra, it is Uriel who guides Ezra through heaven and hell.

According to the original Catholic tradition, the Archangel Uriel stands as the 4th angel in the south before the Throne of God. According to Rudolf Steiner, however, he stands in the north as a stern figure with a faint, bluish glow. Gabriel, on the other hand, stands in the south. In occultism, the colours orange or orange-red are usually assigned to him - Rudolf Steiner, however, speaks of a bluish radiance. Of the four members of man, the physical body corresponds to him, as he represents the forces of the Old Saturn, and of the elements, the earth element. He therefore has a special relationship to the will of man.

Uriel stands at the right side of Michael:

„On his right side, in the direction of the North, stands the one who is especially connected with Saturn's evolution. His light shines in a bluish glow, weaker than that of the others. A sublime, austere figure, he is called by the name of Uriel.“ (Lit.:GA 265, p. 336ff)


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  1. Rudolf Steiner, however, sees Uriel and Phanuel as different spiritual beings.