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Phanuel (GreekΦανουήλ, from Hebrewפְּנִיאֵל Penuel "Face of God, Beholder of God, Turned to God"[1]) is an Archangel who also acts as a guardian spirit of initiates. He is mentioned in the apocryphal Book of Enoch and usually equated with Uriel; however, Rudolf Steiner sees them as different spiritual beings.

„To the human consciousness of today, Uriel, Gabriel, Raphael and Michael are still known like a legend from distant primeval times; but you only need to look in the Book of Enoch to find the names of other Archangeloi. For one of the Archangels was Phanuel, who not only had the task of guiding some tribe of people, but also another. The initiation consists in man striving to ascend to an ever higher consciousness, and already now in the course of earth evolution he is ascending to an ever higher consciousness. Now the people in the initiation centres knew very well that this in turn required guiding and directing forces. Therefore, they brought those who were to be initiated under the protection of the Archangelos, whom they called Phanuel. He was the protector invoked by those who sought initiation.“ (Lit.:GA 102, p. 144)


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