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Spiritualism (from the Latinspiritus "spirit, breath" or spiro "I breathe" - as in Greekψύχω psyche "breath, breath"), which Rudolf Steiner counts among the twelve fundamental worldviews, sees the true foundation of the world in the spiritual. Spiritualism, is thus diametrically opposed to materialism. In the zodiac, spiritualism corresponds to the sign of Capricorn.

„There may be other people who, through a certain inwardness, are predisposed from the outset to see in everything material only the revelation of the spiritual. They know, of course, as well as the materialists, that externally material things exist; but they say: The material is only the revelation, the manifestation of the underlying spiritual. Such people may not be particularly interested in the material world and its laws. They perhaps go through the world, moving within themselves everything that can give them ideas of the spiritual, with the consciousness: The true, the high, that with which one should occupy oneself, that which really has reality, is after all only the spirit; matter is after all only deception, is only an outer phantasmagoria. That would be an extreme point of view, but it can exist, and it can lead to a complete denial of material life. We would have to say of such people: they fully recognise what is indeed the most real thing, the spirit; but they are one-sided, they deny the significance of the material and its laws. A great deal of ingenuity can be mustered to represent the world-view of such people. Let us call the world-view of such people spiritualism. Can we say that the spiritualists are right? As far as the spirit is concerned, their assertions will be extraordinarily correct, but as far as the material and its laws are concerned, they will perhaps be able to unearth little of significance. Can we say that the materialists are right in their assertions? Yes, about matter and its laws they may be able to bring to light extraordinarily useful and valuable things; but when they speak about the spirit, they may only bring out foolishness. We must therefore say: for their fields the confessors of these world views are right.“ (Lit.:GA 151, p. 35f)



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