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Holy (from Greekὅλος hólos "whole") or sacral (from Latinsacer "holy") is something special (Hebrewקדוש kadosch "the special", used in the sense of "holy", "saint"), something that is holy, i.e. whole and not broken and not fallen out of wholeness, the totality of the spiritual world.

The astral body is sanctified when it is completely cleansed of egoism, which consists in separation, and has thereby ascended to the spirit self. A corresponding purification (catharsis) and transformation of the astral body is also the basic prerequisite for every path of spiritual training. People who have succeeded in this to a high degree may rightly be called saints, from whom a healing effect can emanate on their fellow human beings. The high degree of spiritual development can also be seen in the head aura which can be perceived clairvoyantly as a halo.

„For it is already the case that in the better times of religious development vivid biographies of such personalities, vivid even to the point of imaginative depiction, were given, were brought to the believers, so that they could fill themselves with the whole pictorial quality of such personalities. And then it could happen, I do not want to say that it always happened, but it could happen that when an understanding guide was there in such a matter, he simply gave this intensely imaginatively written biography into the hands of a personality of ordinary life, whose illness was developing in a certain direction, perhaps reinforced by his own word. And through this, healing processes could also take place, so that the very direction of the mentality of such personalities to the life of such a saint has therapeutic significance.“ (Lit.:GA 318, p. 42)

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