Spiritual researcher

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A spiritual researcher or spiritual scientist in the modern Rosicrucian sense is an initiate who must have certain clairvoyant abilities in order to be able to perceive the spiritual world independently and who also has the corresponding inspiration to be able to correctly interpret what is perceived spiritually. Higher spiritual truths, such as the retrospection into earlier earthly lives of individual people, are only accessible to intuition. In addition, the spiritual researcher must also have the necessary intellectual abilities to be able to present his research results in a scientifically clear form that is appropriate for our present age of consciousness soul.

Rudolf Steiner opened a new, forward-looking scientific approach to the spiritual world through the anthroposophy he systematically developed as a science of the spiritual from 1900 onwards, based on the observation of thinking according to the scientific method, which he had already presented in detail in his Philosophy of Freedom published in 1894 and in the second part of which he founded an ethical individualism based on the self-aware free I of man.

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