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The region of wishes is the third level of the astral world. Whatever conscious or subconscious wishes are active as striving desires in the human astral body is substantially taken from this region of the soul world. Of the basic forces of the astral world, sympathy already outweighs the antipathy forces that resist it.

„The third stage of the soul-forms is that in which sympathy has the upper hand over antipathy. Antipathy brings about selfish selfishness; but this recedes behind the inclination towards the things of the surroundings. Think of such a structure within the space of the soul. It appears as the centre of an attractive sphere which extends over the objects of the environment. Such structures must be called wish-substance in particular. This designation appears to be the correct one because, through the existing antipathy, which is only weaker than sympathy, attraction nevertheless works in such a way that the attracted objects are to be brought into the entity's own sphere. Sympathy thus acquires a selfish keynote. This wish-substance may be compared to the gaseous or aeriform bodies of the physical world. As a gas endeavours to expand in all directions, so wish-substance spreads out in all directions.“ (Lit.:GA 9, p. 103)

When the human soul passes through this region of the soul world in the life after death during the purification time in the Kamaloka, it must discard all wishes directed towards earthly existence. Since the three uppermost regions of the physical-etheric world coincide with the lowest three regions of the astral world (Lit.:GA 101, p. 223), the region of wishes is the other side of the life ether.


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