Mercury initiate

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Mercury initiates are the great initiates of humanity because they are closely connected with the Mercury forces that determine the further development of the earth. The earth's evolution is divided into two halves, which are related to the present planets Mars and Mercury. When the earth was still in the astral state, it was permeated by the then still purely ethereal Mars forces. From these Mars forces, which also brought to the earth the iron that was absorbed into the human blood, sprang the decisive impulse that led to the formation of the mind soul, whose development culminated in the Greco-Roman cultural epoch. Within the mind soul, the individual I of the human being begins to shine forth. The consciousness soul, which is being formed at present, is - in so far as it turns towards the spirit and connects with the spirit self - closely connected with the Mercury forces. Once the earth will have passed again into the astral state, the then purely etheric Mercurial forces will unfold their full effect. Through the initiatory path, some of these effects are already being anticipated in a certain sense. The great initiates, such as Buddha, Hermes, etc., are therefore Mercury initiates and are closely connected with the Christ.

Mercury is in the esoteric sense the morning star (GreekΦώσφορος phosphoros "light-bearer", "light-bringer"; LatinLucifer), who, following on from the statements in the New Testament in Rev 22:16 and 2 Peter 1:19, was identified with the Christ. This gave rise to the later no longer understood saying: "Christus verus Lucifer". Christ is the true light-bringer - in the words of John's Gospel: "I am the light of the world." John 8:12