Intuitional soul

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Transformation of the soul members through spiritual training.

In the course of spiritual training, the sentient soul is gradually transformed into the intuitional soul.

The main characteristic of the astral body - egoism - protrudes most strongly into the sentient soul; the astral body is necessarily egoistic by nature. This egoism of the astral body cannot be overcome in the true sense of the word without damaging or even destroying the astral body. But that is not necessary at all. Rather, our narrow-hearted egoism must be expanded to such an extent that it rises to the highest world interests. When our egoism embraces the whole world in such a way that we include the welfare of the whole world in our personal aspirations, then egoism is no longer harmful. When we thus expand our narrow personal interests into the comprehensive interest of the world, our I awakens in the innermost being of the other beings that surround us. The sentient soul is thereby transformed into the intuitional soul. The soul's experience is filled with intuitions. The sentient soul comes into being through the unconscious transformation of the astral body by the human I. Therefore, as the sentient soul matures into the intuitional soul, the astral body is also significantly transformed.

„The sentient soul is preferably gradually eliminated by overcoming the astral body altogether, making world-interests one's own, and thus coming more and more beyond personal feeling; thus the sentient soul, all inner impulses, inner passions and affects, are transformed into intuitions. And the intuitional soul takes the place of the sentient soul.“ (Lit.:GA 145, p. 177)

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