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Perspectives for the Evolution of Humanity. The Materialistic Impulse to Knowledge and the Task of

Man in His Connection with the Cosmos, Volume IV

Perspektiven der Menschheitsentwickelung. Der materialistische Erkenntnisimpuls und die Aufgabe der Anthroposophie

Der Mensch in seinem Zusammenhang mit dem Kosmos, Band IV

Seventeen lectures given in Dornach between 2 April and 5 June 1921.

Contents (selection)

Materialism in the 19th century / Constructive forces in the human organism / Mithras cult and Christianity. Basilius Valentinus, Jakob Böhme and Paracelsus / The Essence of Greekism and its Tragedy. Bread and wine in the Grail mystery / Nietzsche's ideological development and tragedy / Measure, number and weight. Mankind's loss of reality / Man's connection with the planetary forces. Constellation and earthly birth / Materialistic science and spiritual science. The Way to the Transformation of Thought / World's End and World's Rise. Father-power and Christ-power / The body-experience in Egypt, Greece and the turnaround in the 4th century. The task of anthroposophy



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