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Death as a Transformation of Life

Der Tod als Lebenswandlung

Seven individual lectures between 29 November 1917 and 16 October 1918 in various cities.

In these lectures Rudolf Steiner explains what significance the event of death, which was so much in the foreground due to the war events of the years 1914 to 1918, can have for the dead themselves and for those who remain on earth. The lectures are a thematic continuation of those published in the volume "The Connection between the Living and the Dead" (GA 168).

Contents (selection)

The Three Realms of the Dead. Life between Death and New Birth / Death as a Transformation of Life. The relationship to the dead. Celebrations of the dead / The influence of the dead on the living / Growing old as a hope and expectation of man / What does the angel do in our astral body / How do I find the Christ?



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