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God the Father represents in the Christian Trinity the unmanifested Godhead, the First Logos.

„The first power, the unmanifested Godhead, is also called the Father; the second power is the Son, who is at the same time life and creative substance, and the third power is the Spirit. Together, then, these three primordial forces appear as Father, Son and Spirit, as Consciousness, Life and Form.“ (Lit.:GA 89, p. 256)

The Father-God works in the law-regulated natural forces of the sensual world, especially in the blood that runs through the generations, i.e. in the current of heredity. The Son-God, on the other hand, lives in the soul-spirit of man and leads him after death into the supersensible world. This is also expressed in the well-known Rosicrucian saying:

„The Father God lives in the blood. The Son-God lives in the soul-spirit of man. The Father-God introduces man into material life: Ex deo nascimur. The Son-God in turn leads man out of material life. The Father-God leads man from the supersensible into the sensual, the Son-God from the sensual again into the supersensible: In Christo morimur.“ (Lit.:GA 209, p. 170)


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