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According to Rudolf Steiner's terminology, the spirit man is the third and highest spiritual member of the human being. It makes him an independent being in the spiritual world, just as he is an independent being in the physical world through his physical body. The spiritual man was first given to man by higher powers and was already predisposed on the Old Saturn. By transforming the physical body, the human "I" gradually fills itself with the creative spiritual powers to create even the spiritual man in his individual form. To him corresponds Atma according to the Indian Theosophical teachings and Jechidah (Hebrewיחידה) according to the Jewish Kabbalah, which is thought to be centred in the uppermost Sephira Kether (crown). The term "Atma" is first mentioned in the Katha Upanishad:

A charioteer is, know,
The Atman, chariot is the body,
Steering the chariot is Buddhi
Manas, know, the reins is.

Katha Upanishad: 3,3[1]


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