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The Akasha substance, the Akasha material, in Western terminology also called fire-air, is the subtle primordial substance, the primordial matter, in which "thought can directly express itself" (Lit.:GA 53, p. 230) and from which everything is formed and at the same time forms the basis for the world memory, the Akasha chronicle.

„Now we come to the fourth region of the spiritual kingdom. This is a very special realm; the creators and animators of all things are at work there. The so-called Akasha substance is the substance, the clay, from which all things are formed. This is an image that all magicians speak of. Goethe also speaks of it in the passage where he speaks of fire-air. It is that substance which has the greatest plasticity, the substance into which one can press the material formations from one side and the spirit on the other.“ (Lit.:GA 88, p. 95)

„The Akasha substance stands between physical and astral matter. It is the finest physical matter, the very finest matter in which thought can directly express itself.“ (Lit.:GA 53, p. 230)

„The whole earth was formerly there in a much finer, thinner etheric state. Akasha is the finest form in which, before primeval times, everything was in the etheric state which now confronts us on earth as solid, liquid and so on. The solid granite of our primeval mountains, all metals, all salts, all types of lime, everything that is on our earth today - also all vegetable and animal forms - were present at that time in this fine Akasha. Akasha is the finest form of matter.“ (Lit.:GA 53, p. 217)

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