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Yedidiah (Hebrewיְדִידְיָהּ‎) or Yechidah (Hebrewיחידה "share") is a term from the Jewish Kabbalah and corresponds to the highest spiritual member of man, the spirit man (Atma), through which he has a share in the highest Divine. Yedidiah is centred in the highest Sephira Kether ("crown") in the Tree of Life of the Kabbalah. It is also one of the seven names of king Solomon, in whom all 7 members of the human being were already very perfectly predisposed.

„And finally they called this ancestor Manas or Spirit Self - because they said that such a Spirit Self must contain within itself the disposition to be inwardly complete, to be in balance - with a word that means "inner balance", "Solomon".

Thus this ancestor, who is usually only known by the name "Shelomo", "Shlomo" or "Salomo", has the three main names: Yedidyah (spirit man), Kohelet (life spirit), Solomon (spirit self); and he has the four secondary names Agur (physical body), Ben Jake (etheric body), Lamuel (astral body), Itiel (I or I-bearer), because these names signify the four sheaths, while the first three names signify the divine inner being. For the ancient Hebrew secret doctrine this personality has seven names.“ (Lit.:GA 116, p. 83)


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