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Sketch of the so-called Strader apparatus, made by Oskar Schmiedel according to the original model used for the performance of Rudolf Steiner's mystery drama "The Guardian of the Threshold", Munich 1913.

Rudolf Steiner refers to all etheric forces that act centrifugally from the cosmic periphery on the living world without potential as universal forces (also circumferential forces, peripheral forces or centrifugal forces). By their very nature they are space-emptying suction forces; they do not work through space but through the negative counter-space that can only be grasped by turning it upside down. The physical central forces act in exactly the opposite way as space-filling pressure forces, which are always connected with a potential that makes it possible to gain physical work from the force field. In nature, both types of forces always work together; only the machines developed by man and currently in use, from the steam engine to the nuclear power plant, make practically exclusive use of the central forces.


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