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The Basic Social Demand of Our Time - The Challenge of the Times

Die soziale Grundforderung unserer Zeit – In geänderter Zeitlage

Twelve lectures, Dornach 29 November to 21 December 1918 (cycles 51 and 52) and Berne 12 December 1918

Although held soon after the end of the First World War, these lectures are of undiminished topicality with regard to today's European situation, as they shed light on fundamental questions concerning East and West, the predispositions of nations and social problems.

Contents (selection)

The East and the West in Spiritual Contemplation / Abstraction and Reality in Social Life / The Necessary Interest of Individuals in Other People / The Development of Mechanical, Eugenetic and Hygienic Occult Abilities in the Future / Basic Conditions of Social Life / Ghosts of the Old Testament in the Nationalism of the Present / Social and Anti-Social Instincts in Man / The Transformation of Instinctive into Conscious Impulses / Reality Logic and Conceptual Logic / The Metamorphoses of Intelligence / The New Spiritual Revelation / Christianity and the Social Demands of Our Time


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