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Dvapara Yuga, also known as Dwapara Yuga (Sanskritद्वापर युग Dvāpara Yuga), is the third of four Yugas or world ages described in the Hindu sacred scriptures. The Dwapara Yuga follows the Treta Yuga and is succeeded by the Kali Yuga. It lasts twice as long as the Kali Yuga, i.e. 2 × 432,000 = 864,000 years. The law of life (dharma) is only half realised in this age.

According to the Puranas, this Yuga ended when Krishna returned to his eternal home city of Vaikuntha.[1]

„Then came the age of those incarnations or embodiments when man's gaze became more and more closed to the spiritual world, when he became more and more ordered to the immediate outer sense-world, but was also fortified in this sense-world, when the inner I-consciousness, the consciousness of humanity, became more and more prominent. This age is called the brazen age or Dvapara Yuga. People no longer had such a high direct knowledge of the spiritual world as before, but at least something of the spiritual world remained in general humanity. One could describe it in a similar way, as if something of the joy of youth has remained in the present people when they have grown older. It may be over, but it has been experienced. We know it, we know it, we can talk about it as if it were something familiar to us. At that time, souls were still familiar with something that leads to the spiritual worlds. That is the essence of the Dvapara Yuga.“ (Lit.:GA 118, p. 20f)


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