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Treta Yuga (Sanskritत्रेता युग Tretā Yuga) is the second of four Yugas or world ages described in the Hindu sacred scriptures. The Treta Yuga follows the Satya Yuga and is succeeded by the Dvapara Yuga. It lasts three times as long as the Kali Yuga, i.e. 3 × 432,000 = 1,296,000 years. The law of life (dharma) will only be realised three-quarters of the time in this age.

„Then comes the next age, when people no longer felt their connection with the divine-spiritual world as strongly as in the Krita Yuga, when they no longer felt their impulses determined so much by living together with the gods, when their view also already darkened more towards the spirit and the soul. But they still had a memory of living together with the spirits and gods. This was especially clear in the ancient Indian world. It was very easy to talk about spiritual things there. You could point people to the outer world of physical perception and still see, let's say, a maya or illusion in it, because people had not had these physical perceptions for so long. That was the case in ancient India. The souls in ancient India no longer saw the gods themselves, but they still saw spiritual facts and lower spiritual beings. The high spiritual entities were only seen by a smaller number of people, but even for them that very living coexistence with the gods was already obscured. The impulses of will from the divine-spiritual world had already disappeared. But there was still the possibility of gaining an insight into the spiritual facts at least in special states of consciousness: in sleep and in the intermediate states mentioned above. But the most important facts of this spiritual world, which before were still there like a co-experience, were now only there like a kind of realisation of truth, like something which the soul still knew exactly, but which only acted like a realisation, like a truth. Certainly people were still in the spiritual world, but the certainty of it in this later age was no longer as strong as before. It is called the silver age or Treta Yuga.“ (Lit.:GA 118, p. 19f)


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