Third elementary kingdom

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The third elementary kingdom is the kingdom of the soul beings (Lit.:GA 9, p. 153). Rudolf Steiner also calls it the elementary kingdom of coloured forms. It is the third condition of life that each of the seven great planetary stages of world evolution (Old Saturn, Old Sun, Old Moon, Earth, New Jupiter, New Venus, Vulcan) passes through in the course of its development. Each condition of life is further subdivided into seven conditions of form.

„Imagine a world in which only perceptual qualities flow through space and are not perceived by specific forms. Think of coloured clouds passing through the world, sounds resounding through the world, all our sensations filling space without being bound to any form: then you have the third elemental kingdom; these are the elements of light and fire, pervading space. Man himself is a coloured cloud in the astral realm. Let us now go a little further forward. When we see a thought-form, it is such a coloured cloud, a movement vibrating within itself. If one wishes to produce a thought, then one must draw the figure in question into the astral space. This is the basis of the magicians' work; they draw the forms into the space and then surround them [with astral matter]. Astral matter is then conducted along the figure. The third elemental realm is not irregular, but a whirling in such lines, all an expression of beautiful forms that have luminosity in themselves. They are like luminous bodies whirring through space, shining from within.“ (Lit.:GA 93a, p. 199f)


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