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Tao sign

The Tao sign, like the closely related Tau sign, stands for the all-pervading power of the divine Tao, of which people on ancient Atlantis still had extensive knowledge. The Tao sign, which is also found in the Egyptian Anch, is also one of the symbols of the Christmas tree given by Rudolf Steiner.

„Above it is the Tao sign, that sign which reminds us of the God designation of our ancient ancestors. Before Europe, Asia, Africa were cultivated lands, these ancient ancestors lived in Atlantis, which sank in floods. In the Germanic sagas, the memory of this Atlantis still lives in the sagas of Niflheim, the "Home of Mist". For Atlantis was not surrounded by pure air. Large, mighty masses of fog surrounded the land, similar to what you see today when you walk through clouds and masses of fog in the high mountains. The sun and moon were not clear in the sky, for the Atlantis they were surrounded by rainbow rings - by the sacred Iris. At that time, man understood the language of nature much more. What today speaks to man in the lapping of the waves, in the rustling of the wind, in the whispering of the leaves, in the rumbling of thunder, but is no longer understood by him, that was understandable to the ancient Atlantian back then. He felt out of everything a divine that spoke to him. Within all these speaking clouds and waters and leaves and winds, a sound resounded to the Atlantians: Tao - that is me. - In this sound lived the very being that goes through all of nature. Atlantis heard it. This Tao later expressed itself in the letter T. On it is a circle, the sign of the all-encompassing divine father nature.“ (Lit.:GA 96, p. 196ff)


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