Sorat people

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The sun demon Sorat will also succeed in making people possessed by himself. Rudolf Steiner calls these Sorat people:

„And before the end of this century he will show himself by appearing in numerous people as that being by which they are possessed. One will see people coming up of whom one will not be able to believe that they are real human beings. They will also develop outwardly in a peculiar way. They will be outwardly intense, strong natures, with furious features, destructiveness in their emotions. They will wear a countenance in which outwardly one will see a kind of animal countenance. The Sorat people will also be outwardly recognisable, they will not only mock everything in the most terrible way, but will want to fight everything and push it into the cesspit that is of a spiritual nature. It will be seen, for example, in what is, so to speak, concentrated in a narrow space in its germs in Bolshevism today, how this will be inserted into the whole earthly development of humanity. That is why it is so important that everything that can strive for spirituality really does so. For that which resists spirituality will be there, for it does not work, so to speak, under freedom, but under determination. This determination means that at the end of this century Sorat will be loose again, and that the striving to sweep away everything spiritual will be in the intentions of a great number of earth souls, as the apocalyptic foresees prophetically in the animal-like face and in the animal-like strength with regard to the execution of the antagonistic deeds against the spiritual. Today, after all, there are already real developments of rage against the spiritual. But these are only the first germs.“ (Lit.:GA 346, p. 122f)