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Jakob Matham, copperplate engraving of one of the seven deadly sins: Acedia (c. 1600)

Sloth (Latinacedia, from Greekἀκήδεια akedeia "carelessness, negligence, not wanting to do anything" from κῆδος kedos "care, sorrow"), laziness or indolence, consists in the lack of will to be active. According to Roman Catholic doctrine, the slothfulness of the heart is considered one of the seven major vices.

Thomas Aquinas names (according to Gregory) the following six "daughters of acedia" (filiæ acediæ)[1]:

  • malitia (malice)
  • rancor (resentment, rebellion)
  • pusillanimitas (pusillanimity)
  • desperatio (despair)
  • torpor circa præcepta (blunt indifference to the commandments or precepts)
  • vagatio mentis circa illicita (wandering of the mind in the direction of the illicit)


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