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Samael (Hebrewסמאל, also Semiel, Semael, Sammane and Sammuel; etymologically mostly derived from Hebrewסמי sami "blind") is one of the seven leading archangels who are the rulers of the 7 planetary spheres. According to Rudolf Steiner, his archangel reign lasted from 1190 - 1510 A.D. He is the ruler of the Mars sphere and is often associated with its martial aspects. In Gnostic and Kabbalistic writings, the "blind god" is often seen as a demonic entity, the prince of darkness or even Satan himself. In gnosis, Samael is also one of the three names of Yaldabaoth, the evil lion-headed creator of the material world, and is probably also connected with the passage of Mars in the first half of the Earth's development. According to Agrippa von Nettesheim, this demon is one of the "four princes of the evil spirit, corruptible in the elements"[1]; the others are Mehazael, Azael and Azazel.


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