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The triple seven, 7-7-7, is considered the Number of Fulfilment, because after 7·7·7 = 343 developmental stages, the goal of a developmental series is reached. Everything that follows already belongs to a completely new line of development. The expression "after" may therefore only be understood in the non-actual sense, because one is then already dealing with a completely new time being, which cannot be directly related to that which has already been completed.

7-7-7 is therefore also the number of the Three Logoi:

„At all times, occultism has represented these three logoi through the following signs:

First Logos

Second Logos

Third Logos

They have been summarised in the number: 7-7-7, the esoteric Number of the three Logoi. The exoteric number is the multiplication of these three sevens lying in the plan of development, namely 343.” (Lit.:GA 94, p. 92)

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