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The region of mobile sensitivity is the second area of the astral world. Here are contained substantially mainly those forces which underlie the neutral, i.e. not desireful, soul experience of the sense qualities. The two basic forces of the soul-world, sympathy and antipathy, work here in harmonious balance.

„The second type of soul-forms is that in which the two basic forces maintain equilibrium, that is, in which sympathy and antipathy act in equal strength. These face other entities with a certain neutrality; they act upon them as related, without particularly attracting and repelling them. They draw, as it were, no firm border between themselves and the environment. They continuously allow other entities in the environment to act upon them; one can therefore compare them with the liquid substances of the physical world. And there is nothing of greed in the way in which such entities attract others to themselves. The effect that is meant here is, for example, when the human soul feels a color. If I have the sensation of the red color, then I receive first a neutral stimulus from my environment. Only when the pleasure of the red color is added to this stimulus, then another soul effect comes into consideration. What causes the neutral stimulus are soul formations which stand in such an alternating relationship that sympathy and antipathy keep each other in balance. One will have to call the soul materiality, which comes into consideration here, a completely pictorial, flowing one. It does not move through the soul space selfishly like the first one, but in such a way that its existence receives impressions everywhere, that it proves to be related to many things it encounters. An expression applicable to it might be: mobile sensitivity.“ (Lit.:GA 9, p. 101)


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