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The Spirits of Wisdom (Greekκυριότητες Kyriotetes or κυριότης Kyriotes; Latin: Dominationes) or Lordships respectively Dominions were the actual lords of the old solar evolution, where they conferred the etheric body on man by their sacrificial act. Today their dominion extends to the Jupiter sphere.

The group souls of plants are descendants of the Kyriotetes.

In Indian Theosophical terminology, the sum of the Spirits of Wisdom in their common work is called Maha-Purusha (Lit.:GA 121, p. 139).

„In my opinion, the speaking name of the holy Dominions reveals a certain impregnable upward swing, free from any sinking to the earthly, a rulership which is not at all inclined to any degeneration into the tyrannical in any way at all and knows no slackening in noble freedom, a rulership which, removed from any degrading servitude, inaccessible to any slackening and, above any dissimilarity (self-alienation), unceasingly strives towards the true rulership and the original source of all rulership, and, in accordance with the imperious likeness of the same, transforms itself as far as possible and graciously also that which is below it, a rulership which is not completely turned towards any of the vain illusory things, but towards that which truly exists, and always, as far as it is permitted, participates in the likeness of God as the original source of rulership.“

Dionysius Areopagita: Celestial Hierarchy, 8th chapter[1]


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