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The 10 Sefirot in the Tree of Life connected by the Path of the Flaming Sword (yellow), which indicates the order of their creation from 1 - 10.

Keter, also Kether (Hebrewכתר "crown") represents the highest Sefira in the Tree of Life of the Kabbalah. Kabbalists regard Keter as the goal of the spiritual quest. Keter is understood as pure divine being, as the direct expression of the divine will. The sefira Keter is imagined to be so sublime that it is dubbed the Zohar, "the hidden of all hidden", which is completely beyond human comprehension.

In the Tree of Life, Keter stands at the top of a triad with the two sefirot Chokmah and Binah that follow her. This triad in its entirety is called Atziluth (Hebrewאֲצִילוּת "nobility, sublimity, goodness, fire"). Keter represents the highest element of Aziluth, the 1st Kabbalistic and completely spiritual world conception of three other Kabbalistic worlds (Beriah, Jezirah, Assiah).

Keter is the first path of the 32 paths of wisdom, the admirable or wonderful cosmic intelligence, the light of the primordial intelligence and as such the first and highest glory.

Rabbi Moses Cordovero (1522 - 1570) of Safed, describes Keter in his book Pardes Rimmonim (Garden of Pomegranates, 1548) as the source of the 13 highest springs of mercy.


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