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Anthroposophy. A Fragment from the Year 1910

Anthroposophie. Ein Fragment aus dem Jahre 1910

With this work, which was not completed, Rudolf Steiner intended to present a theory of the human senses based on the results of anthroposophical research.


Preliminary Remarks by the Editor

I. The Character of Anthroposophy

II. The Human Being as a Sense Organism

III. The World Underlying the Senses

IV. The Life Processes

V. Processes within the Human Being

VI. The Experience of the I

VII. The World Underlying the Sense Organs

VIII. The World Underlying the Vital Organs

IX. The Higher Spiritual World

X. The Form of Man


1. Variants of the corrected versions Chapters IV-VII

2. Manuscript drafts

3. Single sheet "on anthroposophy

4. Note sheet on the ten senses between the sense of touch and the experience of the I

5. On hearing and speaking, unfinished study

6. Self-testimonies on "Anthroposophy"



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