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The Origin of Natural Science in World History and its Development since then

Der Entstehungsmoment der Naturwissenschaft in der Weltgeschichte und ihre seitherige Entwickelung

Nine lectures, Dornach 24-28 December 1922 and 1-6 January 1923, and two answers to questions.

„Modern science, and the scientism based on it, so far from being the only possible 'reality principle' is merely one way of conceiving the nature of reality; a way moreover that has arisen only recently and which there is no reason to supose will last forever.“

Owen Barfield: (Introduction)

This course of lectures is closely related to the problems and research tasks dealt with in the preceding special courses on natural science (see GA 320 - GA 323), and yet is directed towards a more profound and principled overall human consideration of natural science as such. These lectures outline the subtle changes in our ideas and feelings in relation to the development of natural science. Through this, Rudolf Steiner shows the significance of scientific research and the mode of thinking that goes with it. As we look at what technology has brought us, we may have a feeling like the pain we feel over the death of a loved one. According to Steiner, this feeling of loss will eventually become our most important stimulation to seek the spirit.



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