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Natural Science and the World-Historical Development of Mankind since Antiquity

Die Naturwissenschaft und die weltgeschichtliche Entwickelung der Menschheit seit dem Altertum

Six public lectures, Dornach 15 and 16 May 1921, Stuttgart 21 to 24 May 1921.

The leading theme of these lectures is that without knowledge of the condition of the soul of mankind since antiquity, the development of modern natural science cannot be understood.

Contents (selection)

I. European intellectual life in the 19th century with reference to its starting point in the 4th century: The middle of the 19th century as a turning point of intellectual life and its preparation since the 15th century. The significance of the 4th century for the development in Europe / The development of spiritual life in connection with the Migration Period. On the development of symbolic-cultic acts. The institutionalisation of religious content and its consequences.

II. natural science and the development of mankind in world history since antiquity: imaginative and inspirational knowledge and their effect on the state of man's soul / the methodology to be applied in historical research for a deeper understanding of ancient cultures / the spiritual state of ancient peoples. The shadow world of concepts in the age of the consciousness soul / Changes in consciousness in the 4th century A.D. among the South European, North African and Near Eastern peoples. The Influence of Eastern European Peoples



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