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Spiritual Scientific Reflections on Language. An Incentive for Educators

Geisteswissenschaftliche Sprachbetrachtungen. Eine Anregung für Erzieher

Six lectures for the teachers of the Waldorf School, Stuttgart 26 December 1919 to 3 January 1920.

In these lectures, which are comparable to the teacher training courses, Rudolf Steiner shows in an exemplary way how material can be presented if it is to awaken and educate.

Contents (selection)

Brief historical overview of the development of language / Hints for an organic view of linguistic life / The transformative powers of language and their relationship to spiritual life / Phenomena in the history of language as examples of the development of the people's souls / Sense of reality and change of feeling in language


  • Rudolf Steiner, Christopher Bamford (Editor), Ruth Pusch (Translator), Gertrude Teutsch (Translator), Ádám Makkai (Afterword) : The Genius of Language: Observations for Teachers. CW 299. SteinerBooks 1995. ISBN 978-0880103862; eBook ASIN B005IGJAKC


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