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The Question of Education as a Social Question. The Spiritual, Cultural-Historical and Social Backgrounds of Waldorf School Education

Die Erziehungsfrage als soziale Frage. Die spirituellen, kulturgeschichtlichen und sozialen Hintergründe der Waldorfschul-Pädagogik

Six lectures, Dornach 9 to 17 August 1919.

Contents (selection)

The education of the child. Imitation, authority, love / Echoes of the Greek and Roman soul condition in the present / Goods, work, capital. Their Relations to Imagination, Fraternity; Inspiration, Equality; and Intuition, Freedom / Education as a Question of Teacher Formation / The Metamorphoses of Human Intelligence / Overcoming Egoism, Man's Placement in the Presence



References to the work of Rudolf Steiner follow Rudolf Steiner's Collected Works (CW or GA), Rudolf Steiner Verlag, Dornach/Switzerland, unless otherwise stated.
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