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The Nature of Colours

Das Wesen der Farben

Three lectures, Dornach 6 to 8 May 1921, as well as nine lectures as supplements from the lecture series of the years 1914 to 1924.

These lectures, summarised here, are the fruit of Steiner's forty years of endeavour to discover the nature of colours. Here a view of colours is developed which releases the observer from his subjectivity and leads him into the realm of objective laws. Such a view, which is not dependent on physical theories, makes it possible to "grasp colour in its fluctuation, in its life".

Contents (selection)

Basic Features of a Spiritual Scientific Theory of Colour for Artistic Creation / The Colour Experience. The Four Colours / Painting from Colour / Light and Darkness as Two World Entities / The Two Basic Laws of Colour Theory in Morning and Evening Redness and in the Blue of Heaven / From the Perspective of Space to the Perspective of Colour



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