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Ways to a New Style in Architecture. "And the Building Becomes Human"

Wege zu einem neuen Baustil. «Und der Bau wird Mensch»

Eight lectures, Berlin 12 December 1911, 5 February 1913, 23 January 1914, Dornach 7 June to 26 July 1914. With an appendix and 22 illustrations.

Contents (selection)

I. "And the building becomes human": The origin of architecture from the human soul and its connection with the course of human development / Points of view on the design of the anthroposophical colony in Dornach

II. Paths to a new architectural style: The common origin of the Dornach architectural forms and the Greek acanthus leaf / The Dornach building - a house of language. The Inauguration of the Artist's Studio / The New Architectural Thought / The True Aesthetic Laws of Form / The Creative World of Colour

Appendix: The Development of Architecture (Lecture Notes) / The Reconstruction of the Goetheanum (Two Essays for Basel Newspapers, 1924)



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