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Eurythmy as Visible Speech

Eurythmie als sichtbare Sprache

Fifteen lectures for eurythmists, Dornach 24 June to 12 July 1924, with two preceding lectures, Dornach 4 Aug. 1922 and Penmaenmawr 26 Aug. 1923, with associated notebook entries.

„Only someone who creatively unfolds a sense for art from an inner calling, an inner enthusiasm, can work as an artist in eurythmy. To manifest those possibilities of form and movement inherent in the human organization, the soul must inwardly be completely occupied with art. This all-embracing character of eurythmy was the foundation for all that was presented.“

„For the poet, for the thinker, and for the movement artist who thinks with his/her whole body, the highest mental act is done with all their heart and with all their mind and with all their soul.“

Alan Stott

Contents (selection)

Eurythmy, what it is and how it came about / Eurythmy as visible language / The character of the individual sounds / The experienced and the formed gesture / The mood content of the soul in a poem / Moods and characteristics of individual states of the soul / The plastic shaping of the linguistic / Forms arising from the essence of the human being / Moral-soul healing effects / Moods of the soul from the gesture of the sound / Structure of the words. Inner structure of the stanzas / Supplement: Notes on the lectures (facsimile reproductions)



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