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Eurythmy as Visible Singing

Eurythmie als sichtbarer Gesang (Ton-Eurythmie-Kurs)

An essay from 2 March 1924 and eight lectures given in Dornach from 19 to 27 February 1924, with accompanying notebook entries.

„The study of music is the study of the human being. The two are inseparable, and eurythmy is the art that brings this most clearly to expression. In these lectures, Rudolf Steiner guides us along a path toward an understanding of the human form as music comes to rest--the movements of eurythmy bringing this music back to life.“

Dorothea Mier

„Fundamentally speaking, music is the human being, and indeed it is from music that we rightly learn how to free ourselves from matter.“


The major and minor experience / The gesture of the musical / The dissolution of the chord and the harmonic into the melos / The moving forward of musical motifs in time / Choral eurythmy / The insistent note and the pause / The approach to musical eurythmy lies in the collarbone / Pitch, duration of tone, strength of tone, change of tempo / Enclosure: Notes on the lectures (facsimile reproductions)



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