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The Origin and Development of Eurythmy

Die Entstehung und Entwickelung der Eurythmie

First course: The Dionysian Element, Bottmingen/Basel 16 to 24 September 1912 - Second course: The Apollonian Element. Instruction for the spiritual shaping of the moving speech forms, Dornach 18 August to 11 September 1915.

With addresses to eurythmy performances 1913 to 1925, with accompanying programmes - Announcements for posters and advertisements - Conference at the Eurythmeum Stuttgart on 30 April 1924 - Six humoresques for eurythmy - With comments by Marie Steiner, Lory Maier-Smits, Erna van Deventer, Tatiana Kisseleff, Elisabeth Dollfus and Hendrika Hollenbach. Extensive index section. With many drawings and facsimile reproductions.


1st Course of Lessons: The Dionysian Element, Bottmingen/Basel, Sept. 16-24, 1912

2nd Course of Lessons: The Apollonian Element: Directionsf for Fashioning the Soul for Expressing the Movement of Speech Forms, Dornach, Aug. 18-Sept. 11, 1915

Introductions to Eurythmy Performances, 1913-1925, with Accompanying Programs and Material from Posters and Announcements

Faculty Meeting at the Eurythmeum, Stuttgart, Apr. 30, 1924

Six Humoresques for Eurythmy

Reports by Marie Steiner, Lory Maier-smits, Erna van Deventer, Tatiana Kisseleff, Elisabeth Dollfus, and Hendrika Hollenbach



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