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Art and Knowledge of Art. Foundations of a New Aesthetics

Kunst und Kunsterkenntnis. Grundlagen einer neuen Ästhetik

One author's lecture in 1888, four essays in 1890 and 1898, and eight lectures given in 1909, 1918, 1920 and 1921 in various cities.

Based on Goethe's views, these works point the way to the sources of human imagination, to the psychological reasons for the need for art in general. Another focus is on the supersensible origins of the artistic and its significance for the formation of an artistic attitude.

Contents (selection)

On the Comic and its Connection with Art and Life / The Beautiful and Art / On Truth and Probability in Works of Art / The Essence of the Arts / The Sensual-Supersensible in its Realisation through Art / The Sensual-Supersensible. Spiritual Knowledge and Artistic Creation / The Psychology of the Arts



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