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The Year of Destiny 1923 in the History of the Anthroposophical Society. From the Burning of the Goetheanum to the Christmas Conference

Das Schicksalsjahr 1923 in der Geschichte der Anthroposophischen Gesellschaft. Vom Goetheanumbrand zur Weihnachtstagung

Speeches - Meetings - Documents, January to December 1923.


This volume documents what was undoubtedly the most difficult phase in the history of the Anthroposophical Society during Rudolf Steiner's lifetime: the difficult path the Society had to take from the fire at the Goetheanum on New Year's Eve 1922/23 to its reorganisation at the end of the year.

The volume contains all the surviving documents on the history of the year 1923, as well as Marie Steiner's remarks in her publication "Rudolf Steiner and the Civilising Tasks of Anthroposophy - A Review of the Year 1923" (1943) and "Study Material from the Meetings of the Thirty Circle Stuttgart 1923" (1947).



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