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Instructions for an Esoteric Schooling (Special Edition) - From the contents of the "Esoteric School"

Anweisungen für eine esoterische Schulung (Sonderausgabe) - Aus den Inhalten der «Esoterischen Schule»

The former GA volume 245 Instructions for an Esoteric Schooling (5th ed. 1979) is out of print as a volume of the Complete Edition and is no longer being published, as its content has been substantially expanded and incorporated into volumes GA 267 and GA 268, as well as into the new edition of GA 264 with a contribution. However, the previous volume GA 245 is still available for the time being as a special edition.


Introduction: The Task of Spiritual Science (notes from a lecture in 1903 or 1904) / General Requirements (Side Exercises) / Main Exercises / Mantric Sayings / Explanations in Esoteric Hours / The Gospel of Knowledge and its Prayer (address at the laying of the foundation stone of the Dornach Building, 20 Sept. 1913) / Exegesis on "Light on the Path" by M. Collins and on "The Voice of Silence" by H. P. Blavatsky



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