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Anthroposophy: A summary after twenty-one years

At the same time a guide to its representation before the world

Anthroposophie – Eine Zusammenfassung nach einundzwanzig Jahren - Zugleich eine Anleitung zu ihrer Vertretung vor der Welt

Nine lectures, Dornach 19 January to 10 February 1924.

The lectures give a summary of the anthroposophical world view for the members of the Anthroposophical Society, newly founded at Christmas 1923.

Contents (selection)

Anthroposophy, the human longing of the present / The meditative consciousness / The transition from ordinary knowledge to initiatory knowledge / The empowered thinking and the second man. The Weaving of Breath and the Air Man / Love as the Power of Knowledge. The I-Organisation of the Human Being / The Governing World-Thoughts in the Outflowing Breathable Air / On the Dream-Life / The Relationship of the Dream-World to Imaginative Knowledge. The Guilty of Life. The basis of karma / The ability of the human being to remember.



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