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Supersensible Man, Anthroposophically Conceived

Der übersinnliche Mensch, anthroposophisch erfasst

Seven lectures, including two public lectures, The Hague 13-18 November 1923.

Contents (selection)

Anthroposophy as a time challenge / Anthroposophy as a human-personal path of life / The supersensible comprehension of the human form / The path of the human being between death and new birth through the spheres of the hierarchies / The after-death path of the human being through the planetary spheres to the sun / The after-death path from the solar to the fixed star sphere and back to the new earth life / The experience of the unity of the human being, cosmos and hierarchies in the supersensible comprehension of the mineral world


  • Rudolf Steiner: At Home in the Universe: Exploring Our Suprasensory Nature. CW 231. 5 lectures at The Hague, November 13-18, 1923. Translation by Harry Collison. New ed Edition. Anthroposophic Press Inc. 2003. ISBN ‎ 978-0880104739; eBook ASIN B008F9UAY4 (SteinerBooks 2000)


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