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The Human Being as the Harmony of the Creating, Forming and Shaping World-Word

Der Mensch als Zusammenklang des schaffenden, bildenden und gestaltenden Weltenwortes

Twelve lectures, Dornach 19 October to 11 November 1923.

Contents (selection)

I. The connection of world relations, earth relations and the animal world with the human being: The human being as a summary of eagle, lion, bull / Sunlit atmosphere and zodiac. The teachings of the three-beast / The physical substance of the earth and the spiritual substance of the soul.

II. The inner connection of world phenomena and world beings: Cosmic forces in the insect world. Butterfly Nature and Plant Essence / The Spiritualisation of Matter through Butterflies and Birds / Cosmic Development of Man and the Higher Animals

III. the plant world and the elementary spirits of nature: root spirits, water spirits, air and fire spirits and plant growth / gnomes, undines and sylphs, the fire beings. Malignant and benign elementary beings / The perception and experience of the natural elementary beings.

IV. The secrets of human organisation: Metabolic and circulatory processes. Diseases and healing processes / Effects of the mineral and the vegetable in the human organism / The sources of the moral-spiritual in humanity.



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