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The Human Soul in its Connection with Divine-Spiritual Individualities. The Internalisation of the Festivals of the Year

Die menschliche Seele in ihrem Zusammenhang mit göttlich-geistigen Individualitäten. Die Verinnerlichung der Jahresfeste

Eleven individual lectures given in various cities between 6 April and 11 July 1923.

Contents (selection)

The Shaping of Destiny in Sleeping and Waking. The Spirituality of Language and the Voice of Conscience / The Individualised Logos and the Art of Extracting the Spirit from Words / Our Thought-Life in Sleeping and Waking and in the Afterlife / The Four Members of the Human Being / The Stages of the Awakening of the Human Soul / Anthroposophy, the Path to a Deeper Understanding of the Paschal Mystery / The Ascension Revelation and the Mystery of Pentecost / Johannine Mood. The sharpened Johannine view / Recovering the living source of speech through the Christ-impulse. The Michael Thought as the Caller of the Human Will / The Creation of a Michael Feast out of the Spirit. The Riddles of the Inner Man



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