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Spiritually Active Forces in the Coexistence of the Older and Younger Generations. Pedagogical Youth Course

Geistige Wirkenskräfte im Zusammenleben von alter und junger Generation. Pädagogischer Jugendkurs

Thirteen lectures, Stuttgart 3 to 15 October 1922.


In this series of lectures given to young people who are largely unfamiliar with Anthroposophy, Rudolf Steiner speaks to the youth in a true language of the heart. Starting from the gap between the old and the young generation, the demands of the time on the human being - especially the young person - are addressed. By characterising the different currents of the youth movement, the philosophical and pedagogical systems, perspectives for a pedagogy of the future are shown, which is based on a new relationship between man and man. These lectures can also be seen as an introduction to anthroposophy and the foundations of anthroposophical pedagogy.



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