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Human Soul Life and Spiritual Striving in Connection with World and Earth Development

Menschliches Seelenleben und Geistesstreben im Zusammenhange mit Welt- und Erdentwickelung

Nine lectures, Dornach 29 April to 17 June 1922.

Contents (selection)

I. Human soul life in connection with the development of the world: Man's relationship to the world / Transformation of the vital organs into sense organs. Death as the birth of the will / The soul's faculty and consciousness. Mental one-sidedness and illness / The experience of a spiritual outer world in the imagination. The knowledge of the heart in inspiration. The Heart as an Organ of the Senses / The Ancient Mysteries and their Prophecy. The Pure Thought. The Christian primal mystery

II. Human Spiritual Striving in Connection with the Development of the Earth: The Ages of Man. The Incarnation Process. The formation of the etheric heart / The Bhagavad-Gita. Yoga and modern meditation exercises / The recognition of the elemental world.

III. Eastern and Western World Contrasts: Contemporary conceptualisation and the thought life of ancient oriental culture. Eastern ghost thought and western instinctual ghosts. Developing spiritual thoughts as a task for the future.



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