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The Solar Mystery and the Mystery of Death and Resurrection - Exoteric and Esoteric Christianity

Das Sonnenmysterium und das Mysterium von Tod und Auferstehung - Exoterisches und esoterisches Christentum

Twelve individual lectures given between 21 March and 11 June 1922 in various cities.

Contents (selection)

The Human Soul Life in Sleeping, The human soul in sleeping, waking and dreaming / The three states of night consciousness / On the change of world view / The changes in the experience of the breathing process in history / The nature of man and its expression in Greek art / The exploration and formulation of the world word in inhalation and exhalation / Exoteric and Esoteric Christianity / Reflections on the Mystery of Golgotha / Knowledge and Initiation / The Threefold Sun and the Risen Christ / Anthroposophy as a Striving for the Christianisation of the World



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