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Old and New Methods of Initiation. Drama and Poetry in the Change of Consciousness in Modern Times

Alte und neue Einweihungsmethoden. Drama und Dichtung im Bewußtseins-Umschwung der Neuzeit

Fourteen lectures, Dornach 1 January to 19 March 1922, Mannheim 19 January, Breslau 1 February 1922.

Contents (selection)

I. Old and new methods of initiation: New Year's contemplation. West, East, Centre. The development of religious life in the post-Atlantean cultures. Old and new methods of initiation (2 lectures). The human organism in its tripartism and the repeated earth lives. / II. Drama and poetry in the turn of consciousness in modern times: Shakespeare, Goethe and Schiller with regard to the spiritual turn in the 15th century. The struggle of Goethe and Schiller in the time of intellectualism triumphing over the old intellectualism. The Ideal of Freedom in Schiller and Goethe / III. Individual Lectures: Crossing the Threshold. Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition as Facts of Action on the Way to Re-embodiment



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