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Anthroposophy as Cosmosophy - Part Two: The Formation of Man as the Result of Cosmic Effects

Man in His Relationship with the Cosmos, Volume VIII

Anthroposophie als Kosmosophie – Zweiter Teil: Die Gestaltung des Menschen als Ergebnis kosmischer Wirkungen

Der Mensch in seinem Zusammenhang mit dem Kosmos, Band VIII

Eleven Lectures Dornach 21 October to 13 November 1921

Contents (selection)

The human inner and the outer human life. On the nature of the sun / The superconsciousness in the life after death. The World of Language and Fantasy / Metamorphoses of Knowledge in the Course of Time. Luciferic and Ahrimanic Being / The Formation of Man out of the Universe / The Seven Stages of Life as Planetary Stages. The essence of eurythmy / Assignment of head, chest and limbs to the signs of the zodiac / Sleep and ego-being. The experience of the spiritual man in waking and sleeping, in life and in death / The physical, vegetable, animal and human being from the point of view of the zodiac, the planetary spheres, the earth and the moon / On the nature of evil. The Palladium in the Course of History



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