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Human Development, World Soul and World Spirit - Part Two: Man as a Spiritual Being in Historical Development

Man in his Connection with the Cosmos, Volume VI.

Menschenwerden, Weltenseele und Weltengeist – Zweiter Teil: Der Mensch als geistiges Wesen im historischen Werdegang

Der Mensch in seinem Zusammenhang mit dem Kosmos, Band VI

Eleven lectures, Dornach 22 July to 20 August 1921.

Contents (selection)

The twelve senses of man / Moral world order and natural necessity. Oriental and Occidental Culture / Memory and Love. The tripartite human being / The development of modern natural science from scholasticism / Anti-social instincts as the result of materialistic mental thinking and spiritual will nature / The development of the child up to sexual maturity / The members of the human being / Ideas and memories and the world of hierarchies / The soul-spirit of the human being and the physical-physical in their interrelationship. Evil / Goethe, the Greeks and the pre-Greek period



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